Dec 9, 2005

Motivation to work

Almost everybody will agree that motivation to do a thing decreases with even if you are fully motivated to paly for team india cos you will get 100 crores if you succeed..the motivation or willingness to work hard for 12 hours per day will not be the same after one year from the time you started...even tho u may now need the 100 crores more..... But it is also the case that the some people do get demotivated more quickly than others....and some may even seem to get more motivated as time passes...does it discredits the first staement...i think not.....what happens is thatu can embellish the motivational what will you do with the 100 crores...the more things you can think about the more postive energy you can one of the ways to remain motivatedis to think about the positives in all its variations cos one variation will help u only so muc

Dec 2, 2005

establishment of causality

we must have read it so many times, a positive corelation doesnot establishes causality..but we still tend to make the mistake in our everyday life. when i was young i remember reading in a survey that olderr men prefer Test matches and younger men ODIs...i thot the reason should be that youth likes the extra energy of odis while maturer men like the nuances of tests....and to prove the fact me being in college liked odis better.

but as slowly but surely i grow accustom to office life routine..suddenly i have found myself liking test matches and the reason being test matches can ease the office ennui for 5 days rather than one slam bang day of i think test odi comparison for youth older persons are not causal...
so while i avoid the mistake of assuming causality from corelation however i m still open to criticism from generalising from a particular dont believe me 100%..neways these are intended to make u think rather than no

Nov 28, 2005

Thermodynamics, laws and life

while most will agree that people in general take the path of least resistance..just like fluids but i have a different argument here...if you stop thinking about bigger things in big i mean things having lotta scope to provide pain or pleasure....but even if lets say i ignore those profound things am i devoid of pain or pleasure...unfortunately or fortunately no..cos brains chemical balance follows the laws of thermodynamics and even with minor changes the chemicals flow from one direction to another sending signals of pain or pain and pleasure are form a curved graph...staircase curve...flat at lower and upper limit and positively corelated in the middloe section

Nov 23, 2005

Writing about mundane things

someone suggests that writing about mundane things should be easy as 90% of life is spent mundane things...i tend to disgree..cos for writing u must have a idea on which you can irrespective of the amount of time one spends in mundane definition they shud be bereft of nething the only brainwave or brainfade..(however u like it) about mundane things can be how boring it can be or how very routine...but u can drum up the same funda everytime...even if no1 reads u must believe that what u write is readable and people will appreciate it if only they could be on the same wavelength....

neway me being from Patna,bihar......feeling smwht optimistiv cos of the change in political leadership in bihar..Nitish kumar seems a man of integrity and acumen and if he gets lucky..things may well change for the better....

Sep 7, 2005


When u come to think of it..its not really that bad an opprtunity to invest in stock markets..
they may go upto even 12k, by the end of the financial year

Aug 25, 2005

Fame gurukul

When i was home for three daus last week, i was introduced to this show by a cousin(adaptation of INXS)....there i found this chap who is universally recognized as clearly the least talented singer but has been saved by the audience for the last 5 the reason could be that...he is somewhat smart looking than the others and the public dont recognize that the show is for finding singing talent....and not performers.. However this brought to my memeory the famous HBR article arguing that managers prefer to work with lovable fools rather than competent rather than saying that public doesnt recognise the true purpose of the show...i think lovability is a criterion in almost all selection decisions....that may to some degree explain the good summer placements of all the gud looking girls in our batch..(Male Lust factor is the generally accepted funda) talent doesnt always wins....
Ofcourse as the article said...everyone loves to work with a person who is both competent and mr. qazi taukeer, best of luck..but i dont think u will succeed..the gap in talent is way too much for your charm.

lets start something special

How do i start on something really good, do i dive headlong or do i think how to best go about it, the second option is apparently obvious but if you know me, it could be the sign of procastrinating...cos obviously something good requires that extra bit of effort for which you have to be in the zone or in the wouldnt by waiting and exploring the best way to go about it..i am lessening the chances of mine being in the zone....

Something special

i quit

Jul 17, 2005

The Ganguly Saga..

I think Dravid is not that gud a captain..he doesnt seems to have the ability to bring out the best in the people..too mechanical and text bookish in his approach i think

Jun 26, 2005

The Month of June

The only good things about June has been said in mills and boon stories..otherwise i see no gud things in holidays either..the work is ok

May 27, 2005


Just saw the movie on my comp. and without the visuals it is not much appealing, Though Esha deol is looking hotter and hotter every passing day somewhat reverse of the case of Kareena kapoor whose index is falling. Anyway planning to watch dhoom so , atleast there willbe some nice songs................
K, cya next time

First Few days at a job

You learn a lot, most of the preconceived notions go for a toss. your boss is not as bad as you thought, you need not work as hard as it is generally made out, but things are really not as benign as they were in college, the stakes are higher.....You think about things you didnt even conceived of in the college....

~This is very general but needs to be so as i am here after a looong time. Hopefully will write some more in the evening.

Apr 8, 2005

Going tuf..tuf going etc etc

what a of the most thrilling period of my life...didnt kno whether to laugh or cry...but ultimately things were placed in PwC...should be wonderful..mebbe i get to go to Sri lanka

Mar 14, 2005

I Predict

Well the placements are going to start...i dont kno, but i think acads will trouble me more instead of the placements

Feb 15, 2005

There's something about me..

I am not for a moment implying tht i look as good or as bad (take ur pick) as Ms. Diaz....the title is there to suggest that how come i turn out to be the centre of attratction most times....

Ofcourse this may be related to the theory of social contract ...or not..

Jan 31, 2005

Another one.

Have put my blog page as my home page in orkut,so there shud be few views of my blogs,so welcome. Soon i will write about all the interesting things that have happened to me....
let them happen first

Jan 30, 2005

Bloggers Block

Is there such a thing, now that i have my own blog what exactly do i want to write about. Do i write for a prospective audience,the chances of getting which vary from slim to none or do I treat it as a public diary?
Depending on the mood I will try to mix it up. I think i will write about ...well...things
I made another start today.....