Feb 27, 2007


In the literal sense, I understand, but in the proverbial sense, is it that people are unwilling to change their mental makeup. I mean whether its an external or internal phenomenon. Are you sort of unwilling to process the said things from a different perspective. My feeling is that we choose so otherwise suffocation like many things else is an artificial concept which while may explain things from a distance is not true in actual sense.

Feb 23, 2007

Wimby Equal pay

Put simply,
I dont agree.

The sports are different, why should the pay be equal. Common sense suggests that Mens tennis game commands more finances so should get more money. While many people have commented that its ironical that sharapova earns more than federer, but nobody in right mind suggested thay both should get the same money for modelling assignments even if they participate in the same ad for same brand at same time and same place. Cos they have different financial values.