Sep 30, 2007

World Championship Week

This just in. I think this result will surely have more weight than the 2000 one. Also it means that Anand is the undisputed number one and the best chess player in the world at the moment, taking over from Kramnik. I just hope he crosses the 2800 mark with this result.
Afetr T20, Chess..Decent sporting week for India

Sep 15, 2007


A great game..loved the novelty of a bowl out..and how bad was the ball that bhajji bowled..the one just after afridi holed out

Sep 10, 2007

The Roger Slam

So its back to a Roger Slam (defined as Losing to Rafa in French and winning the rest).Of course all this brings us back to the 'Roger-Pete' comparisons...while pete numbers dont look as good as rogers..i absolutely remember people complaining about pete dominating the tour thus making it boring...the same is happening with federer here....

If we continue with the comparisons, Two things come to mind after the last game.
  1. Roger is at the peak of his domination,like the 'Pete- Rafter' phase of 97-98, where sampras just managed to hold his own against Rafter.
  2. Roger is learning from Pete the ways to prolong his career,His much improved Serve was the main enabler for Rogers title defense. I think on the basis of groundstrokes alone, Nole and Davy'D seemed better.(It wasn't the case earlier).

So if we continue the analogy, we may see Federer strugglingin the next few years against upcming players like djokovic, ala how Sampras struggled with Safin and hewitt. However Federer will continue to win Slams for the next few years though i think the dominating phase is over.
P.S - Mytake on the Roger Pete debate-

I think, overall Roger has the better game, primarily due to his ability and results on clay. Pete though has the better career as of now. Remember Pete won his first slam when he was about 20 and the last when he was 31. Thats a long time.

Sep 8, 2007

1975: The Golden year

of Hindi Cinema that is....

Was just surfing through the comments on Sholay in IMDB....and came across this sentence..
1975 may have been the best year for Hindi films with the likes of Deewar, Chupke Chupke, Hera Pheri, Khel Khel Mein, Julie, Mausam, Ponga Pandit, Rafoo Chakkar, Uljhan, Dharmatma, Do Jasoos, Faraar, Geet Gaata Chal, Chhoti Si Baat, Aandhi and Milli - all releasing along with Sholay
Surely, as good a collection of movies that you can find as any..for any given year...I havent watched all of them..but just look at the kind of stories they told..Julie..Aandhi ..Faraar..Milli.... Chupke Chupke.....and course some of my alltime fav moies....Deewar, Chhoti Si Baat and Sholay....also what an year it must have been for Amitabh...From Sholay and Faraar, Chupke Chupke..Milli..and Mausam (if i think its the same moovie that i am thinking)......

Truly a golden year for Hindi Cinema....

P.S - I watched 'RGV ki Aag'....But i cudn't find a single publishable adjective about the i will refrain from blogging about it.