Nov 28, 2005

Thermodynamics, laws and life

while most will agree that people in general take the path of least resistance..just like fluids but i have a different argument here...if you stop thinking about bigger things in big i mean things having lotta scope to provide pain or pleasure....but even if lets say i ignore those profound things am i devoid of pain or pleasure...unfortunately or fortunately no..cos brains chemical balance follows the laws of thermodynamics and even with minor changes the chemicals flow from one direction to another sending signals of pain or pain and pleasure are form a curved graph...staircase curve...flat at lower and upper limit and positively corelated in the middloe section

Nov 23, 2005

Writing about mundane things

someone suggests that writing about mundane things should be easy as 90% of life is spent mundane things...i tend to disgree..cos for writing u must have a idea on which you can irrespective of the amount of time one spends in mundane definition they shud be bereft of nething the only brainwave or brainfade..(however u like it) about mundane things can be how boring it can be or how very routine...but u can drum up the same funda everytime...even if no1 reads u must believe that what u write is readable and people will appreciate it if only they could be on the same wavelength....

neway me being from Patna,bihar......feeling smwht optimistiv cos of the change in political leadership in bihar..Nitish kumar seems a man of integrity and acumen and if he gets lucky..things may well change for the better....