Jan 1, 2014


Hmm, the new draft settings for the blogger looks good. I think they have integrated it with Google docs. Makes sense. Google plus integration has also happenend. Overall a positive development.

The year is off to a decent start. A couple of Newzealand players have scored fast centuries. There is soccer in the evening. Plus some chicken is being cooked.

Work wise also, a couple of threads are up in the air. Anyways, will start work tomorrow only.

In the world of public finance, there is distinct need for two of the recent trends to converge. e.g expenditure management and IFMIS reforms. I think the acceptance of ICT reforms is much higher within the government community. A way needs to be found out to emphasize benefits of expenditure reforms by introducing ICT reforms

Also, in this day and age, cash to accrual conversion is also a distinct possibility.

Also, the collaboration framework needs to be finalised