Jul 23, 2007


How to utilise one's time, in the best possible manner..i have read much stuff about procrastination..productivity etc.....but that hardly works if you dont work on it..which is the problem in the first case...As far as i can see..it so happens that once you are not happy with your base level of productivity..then it boils down to how motivated you are to do something..or how strong the incentives are...maybe they are the same thing..neway.....so the point is..it becomes a constant struggle of always calculating the motivation incentive....which leads to mental fatigue..diminishing returns et al....thus creative a bias towards lower productivity equillibrium...

course..now that the problem has been identified...two solutions...
1) Raise your base level of productivity...-how?..simple..imbibe better habits..eg timely sleeping..plus some basic activities in routine time...some sort of rudimentary time planning if you will.....

2) Reduce the bias towards lower prodcutivity.. - How again?..again thinking matters through may help here..(however you never know)....also some sort of to-do list..may help..

course..if you really wanna be productive..give yourself strong incentives/motivation..link your work to some reward...a good way...ask for a raise..you will work hard to justify the demand...

well again....some wishes ar ebetter unfulfilled..

Jul 22, 2007


Some observations
1. Best race of the season by far..
2. Hamilton can overtake without a fuss..bit in the montoya mode..unlike say alonso....who can overtake but in the process seems unduly aggressive
3. Alonso can drive in the wet..(like we have seen in the past races also)
4. Ferrari seem more comfortable in the race than qualy.
5. Wet races are better(signal: introduce more driver inputs in the races)
6. Good to see the needle between Massa and Alonso

Jul 5, 2007

The Amul Butter Tv ad

Can you believe it..Amul butter..the king of billboard ads...has such a sad ....less types..TV ad....where is the creativity..was that a satire..I don't know

Jul 1, 2007

Sports Week

Could you believe it..we were made to watch Damm Paes and then Mirza peer doubles while Federer Safin match was going on in wimby...what a joke..

Then i was having a haircut while Rossi came through the field..apparently making up a 5 sec gap of Stoner to win in Assen...

Course everything will be alright ...if Kimi manages to win at magny cours..also will be fun if it rains..and alonso surely will b praying for it.....