Mar 29, 2006

I am

I remember this joke...

Once descartes went to a restaurant..the waiter asked him...whether he would like some coffee...Desacrtes replied 'I think Not' and disappeared.

Mar 25, 2006

I think

Sachin should come back into the team, I think we should give this guy Suresh raina a chance too...but i will pick sreeasanth over patel...lets see how it goes

Being Rishav

I think I have reached my mid life crisis....i mean all previous notions about existensialism but surely i am throwing all of them out of the window...... i dont have amswers to many of the questions and dont have the will to look for something radical....lets see.... but the way things are...i hav to change or circumstances will do that for me..

Mar 20, 2006

Booing sachin et al..

While most will explain it as Sambit bal has done 'sachin joins mortals' albeit less eloquently..i feel the booing is somewhat more than mere disappointment at Sachins performance...or that he is so loved that he is held to higher standards....the booing is more in protest of sambit's conjecture...My feeling is that the Bombay public dont really want sachin to fall into the category of mere mortals..altho its a distant possibility...they dont want 'dada' treatment for the booing episode for me is nothing but a request to sachin to call it a day and not to fall in the mortals category.

For me however Sachin is still 32 and can still bat better than most of his ilk.....Sachin can do it once again and will do it....surely i wont want to replace sachin with Kaif or Laxman at this stage...