Oct 29, 2007

Are Economists Happier

Its a good question and has been discussed here and there. I am an interested party here as I fulfill the criteria. Nobody can doubt that I am happy, the bone of contention is whether a 3 years degree in the hallowed Patna University makes me an economist. I don't think it does. But keep in mind, i took some eco courses in C, even then I don't think i fulfill the criteria of being an economist just because of that. However in my mind what clinches the fact that i am an economist is that i know enough economics that i can pass off as an economist to laypersons. So now that we have established that i am happy and an economist, let us attack the question, is studying economics in any part responsible for some of my happy demeanour?? definitely yes..is economics more useful in this regard than lets say 'Psychology'..tentatively yes. I think Economists apply some tools and methods which help them simplify the real world, the same principles sometimes help us economists to make sense out of the real world, plus the principle of price discovery sort of removes much of the dissonance that we have in life. eg somebody is performing poor, straightaway think in terms of overall work compensation and you will be content to know that overall that jerk is going to be paid less precisely cos of the tendency that pissed you off.

Oct 22, 2007

Kimi Raikkonen - F1 WDC 2007

The best result on many levels. Lewis surely winning as a rookie would have sort of understated the charm of WDCs, Alonso being upstaged by a rookie for most of the season didn't deserve the title. That leaves Kimi, with the most wins, potentially the fastest of the lot..and none more deserving the title...and i am so happy for that.

On a side note, the most thrilling portion of the race came through the livetiming, where i could see Rosberg and Kubica fighting for 4th and for 2 consecutive laps, the difference was 0.0 secs and i was hoping like hell that those two don't crash and give the title to Hamilton. Must admit, those two are pretty good racers.

Oct 13, 2007

Meta on Mundane Things

I was just wondering, Is writing about "Mundane Things" on a blog titled "Mundane things a mundane activity or not. I think not, it shows my grasp, my awareness of things happening around me in many spheres of life. Also such an observation obviates the conclusion about having the posession of an ability to step one step back and observe things.

But maybe not, as the tags say

Oct 8, 2007


Well as you can guess from the title, procrastination is one of the centre pieces of my blogginess. Well, one of the solutions that keeps coming to my inventive mind is - Compartmentalization. One obvious advantage is..you quantify your work work into ordinal compartments...that gives you very visible targets to work on..plus the incentive to reduce the workload....otherwise generally the case is that there will be an unpleasant feeling about all the stuff that you have to do.

The question is..how to compartmentalize...as per my previous experiments..Notepad is no good...ATNotes suck....Google desktop sidebar is quite effective.

So we have arrived at a problem and a solution and dealt with the Hows and Whys. but i still have to put in one disclaimer..Even compartmentalization is work and if you procrastinate in that..ultimately you wont be any better off.

Oct 3, 2007

Repetitive Alliterations

Every once in a while, you finally achieve something which you can be proud of. Something about which you can call your friends and crow about. Something on which you can blog about.

Well!! My friends, today is such an occasion., my bravenet site counter site shows 1000 hits.

There are many persons to thank to, but keeping with tradition, I must thank myself, as i must be the returning visitor atleast 300-400 times thus significantly contributing to this significant momentuous moment.

Thanks to you all too.