Dec 31, 2008


Its like looking into the future and seeing a new you and and a new world...its good that i am good at prognostication, otherwise it would have been arbit.

Greetings everyone!

Dec 25, 2008

The Meta Narrative of Movie Stars

I think the meta narrative across SRK's career has been quite strong.  I think it had a lot to do with his choice of earlier movies. One of the major reasons of SRKs fame in early 90s was his Deewana charactwer, where basically he did much more than normal heroes to get the girl. The same happened with Darr and Anjaam where his character was insanely in love but couldnt get the girl. THis sort of made SRK a sympathetic character and he got a lot of media mileage out of it. This sort of predisposed SRK towards the advantage of a solid meta narrative for movie actors. He must have learnt from a similar narrative of Akshay Kumar about action hero and how AK gained even though Akshay hardly did stunts better than others.

On the other hand, Aamir it seems has avoided the meta narrative thing and has focussed on each movie as a single entity. And thats why i think Shahrukh is a bigger star evewn tho Aamir is the better star. 

Dec 22, 2008

A deal is a deal

Here. Its like this many a times, when the apparent reason is not enough. But if only there was information symmetry, then many of things which remain unsaid, need not be said. :)

Dec 7, 2008

Emphemeriality of the Medium

This is the kind of subject matter that deserves a special blog post. so here it is