Feb 9, 2008

Three Things

Three things i want to read more about

1. Law of unintended consequences - In the context of mainstream India.

2. Free Trade and Societal Structure - What is the relationship. I hope one day i actually read The Great Transformation and also The Bottom Billion by Collier. In the merantime, you can read this by Delong for context.

3. Economic Situation in Bihar - Even articles will do. What is happening in there. The last good article that i read seems to be one by Aditi phadnis in Business standard

Feb 8, 2008

Blogging as Procrastination

How diffuclt it is to procrastinate and blog..i think easy..whatever gets me out of the "Restructuring" mode. Ome hellhole of an assignment. I just hope i get out of it unharmed. My blogginess just hopes that my blessiness works this time too and get me out of all this messiness.

Feb 4, 2008

The fear of going Meta

As i may have mentioned before..i have this great fear of flying..during almost all my journeys..i envision the plain ncrashing down..(the best part is- i always chose the aisle seats so that i dont look at the window and then i will keep looking at the window to see i f the plane is banking too much etc..)...
anyway..in all of these nightmarish scenarios i always feel like i should call home etc etc..i mean the intention is to close out my life in abalnced manner...but lately since i fly around once a month..i have had the thots so many times..i have started going meta..and now one of my worries is..if i m really crashing down..i will think of something arbit and my last thopught will be "you bugger..this is waht you come up with a syour last thought"