Feb 4, 2008

The fear of going Meta

As i may have mentioned before..i have this great fear of flying..during almost all my journeys..i envision the plain ncrashing down..(the best part is- i always chose the aisle seats so that i dont look at the window and then i will keep looking at the window to see i f the plane is banking too much etc..)...
anyway..in all of these nightmarish scenarios i always feel like i should call home etc etc..i mean the intention is to close out my life in abalnced manner...but lately since i fly around once a month..i have had the thots so many times..i have started going meta..and now one of my worries is..if i m really crashing down..i will think of something arbit and my last thopught will be "you bugger..this is waht you come up with a syour last thought"