Aug 25, 2005

Fame gurukul

When i was home for three daus last week, i was introduced to this show by a cousin(adaptation of INXS)....there i found this chap who is universally recognized as clearly the least talented singer but has been saved by the audience for the last 5 the reason could be that...he is somewhat smart looking than the others and the public dont recognize that the show is for finding singing talent....and not performers.. However this brought to my memeory the famous HBR article arguing that managers prefer to work with lovable fools rather than competent rather than saying that public doesnt recognise the true purpose of the show...i think lovability is a criterion in almost all selection decisions....that may to some degree explain the good summer placements of all the gud looking girls in our batch..(Male Lust factor is the generally accepted funda) talent doesnt always wins....
Ofcourse as the article said...everyone loves to work with a person who is both competent and mr. qazi taukeer, best of luck..but i dont think u will succeed..the gap in talent is way too much for your charm.