Dec 9, 2005

Motivation to work

Almost everybody will agree that motivation to do a thing decreases with even if you are fully motivated to paly for team india cos you will get 100 crores if you succeed..the motivation or willingness to work hard for 12 hours per day will not be the same after one year from the time you started...even tho u may now need the 100 crores more..... But it is also the case that the some people do get demotivated more quickly than others....and some may even seem to get more motivated as time passes...does it discredits the first staement...i think not.....what happens is thatu can embellish the motivational what will you do with the 100 crores...the more things you can think about the more postive energy you can one of the ways to remain motivatedis to think about the positives in all its variations cos one variation will help u only so muc