May 27, 2005


Just saw the movie on my comp. and without the visuals it is not much appealing, Though Esha deol is looking hotter and hotter every passing day somewhat reverse of the case of Kareena kapoor whose index is falling. Anyway planning to watch dhoom so , atleast there willbe some nice songs................
K, cya next time

First Few days at a job

You learn a lot, most of the preconceived notions go for a toss. your boss is not as bad as you thought, you need not work as hard as it is generally made out, but things are really not as benign as they were in college, the stakes are higher.....You think about things you didnt even conceived of in the college....

~This is very general but needs to be so as i am here after a looong time. Hopefully will write some more in the evening.