Feb 9, 2006

Time management

Time management has been one of the underlying themes in my MBA days....the basic stance was that while what may be taught in the hallowed IIMC maybe copied adhoc by other b schools but the mix offered is unique and time management is the one skill that you must have to get the best use of things...and i do believe tht without much trying one does get to manage time in the colllege simply becos u dont want to do so many things asked of u.....but the same concept of time management does not seems so useful in professional life...the biggest differential is of course the residential nature of the colllege...so in C...evevry time i chose not to do something...my choice revealed that i dont want to do somethin....however in professional life...i have the restriction of working only 8 hour per day...so the assumption is that whatever u do has to be done in those 8 hours....so if i relax that assumption and am willing to work on home and on saturdays...the pressure of work is really not what is generally assumed......so time management afterall is not that big a skill set that you could have...atleast at the lower end of the pyramid.