Oct 18, 2010

Crossroads and Fractals

As you guys maybe aware Mandelbrot died this week. He was best known for "Fractals", a function that is continuous everywhere and differentiable nowhere. Kevin Drum explains it as
It's the fractal image shown on the right. It looks pretty ordinary, but if you zoom in you start to see a lot more detail. Zoom some more, and there's even more detail. You can zoom forever, and you'll keep finding more detail no matter how fine a microscope you use, much of it surprising and unpredictable.
What this all brings is to the fact that, I think this is true model for life in general too apart from the financial instrument pricing model for which it is mostly used. The ability to arrive at crossroads and make decisions is limited only by our consciousness but its upto us to arrive at a working model for our decision making process.

Oct 7, 2010

The other side

As imagined

Random Day 1: The top boss here has no people skills. Can you imagine, he asked me to leave the swanky hotel and move to the guest house. Some other consultants are already in the guest house when I arrive. Hope they are nice

Random Day 2. Guess what, all of these are from IIMs. Two from IIMC and one from IIMA. None of them are particcularly good looking. Seem nice though

Random Day 3. Well, One of the IIMC guy seems cool. The other one is a bit painful. Always on the lookout to make fun of others, especially me

Random Day 4: Well the cool guy is leaving for colombo. Another IIMC guy is replacing him. Would be terrible. The IIMA guy is nice. Plus he likes the same food that I do.

Random Day 5: The new IIMC guy is weird..or as he likes to call himself 'arbit'. The old IIMC guy continues to be a bit of a pain. They are both FAT. Annother person in HR has joined the team. He seems boring.

Random Day 6: The IIMA guy turned to be most obnoxious of all. Had a fight. Am also not on talking terms with the new IIMC guy

Random Day 7: These guys are funny. Have again stopped talking to the new IIMC guy. He is very rude sometimes.

Random Day 8: Thank God,another girl has arrived in the guest house. They dont make as much fun of her as they do of me. I am sure it has nothing to do with my mannerisms.

Random Day 9: These guys are rude. Have again stopped talking to the new IIMC guy. The older one continues to be mildly painful. I guess the other HR guy is nice rather than boring