Apr 28, 2006

A case against senile ministers

With MM joshi you thought maybe he has some issues...But then came natwar singh..Why did he act in such an imprudent manner..and now Arjun Singh..You can find a number of references where and why they went wrong...my guess is that they are so out of touch and so old ..A heady combo...that they can take a gamble for creating history(not applies for Natwar singh-tho he did take a gamble) without much chance of loosing anything... Afterall they are old..what will you do..make them retire??
Plus since they are old...how much work they can do...if you want to take advantage of their experience...make them head a think tank or two...
What such ineffective ministers also do is to hand excessive freedom to bureaucrats who for all their intelligence will never entertain a solution which diminishes govt.'s role..this dimnishes the solution to the problem itself....
so i say bar anyone over 70 from an executive post

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Apr 19, 2006


Recently i have been very active in the blogosphere, i have read some pretty decent posts ....from amit varma's india uncut ( the format and links are pretty good but not much contri in its own)...to gaurav sabnis's ...ofcourse dilbert's blog is also quite good..but there is some tendency of adams to be too smart by half....neway so the crux of the matter is that the indian blogs which have become sort of famous have sort of created a virtuus cycle where one will link to the other so that if u visit india uncut or vantage point or jabberwock...u can just link to all the things that they all want to say..

Apr 17, 2006

Time Zones

Ne idea y the concept of time zones was evolevd

i mean it makes sense and all but how did thew concept started or evolved..eg givin elecrons the + sign and proton the negative charge makes more sense but since we already had decided otherwise so we continued with the earlier system...then y the concept of time zones...i dont see the usefulness of timezones before the 20th century...so it must hv evolved recently...ne1 with some googling skills