Sep 18, 2008

Internal Team Meetings

Internal team meetings are a lot of fun..with a lot of contrasting narratives thrown into the mix. There are people who know, they are not here to contribute anything but they have to be there. Then there are persons who think that the team meetings are useful place to show off their knowledge and grasp of every issue related and unrelated. There is a person who tries too hard to attract attention to one of the pet theories and then there is the smart guy..wondering why is he in this meeting and then wonders...why not write a blog post.

Update: Jabberwock has an interesting take on internal team meetings

Sep 15, 2008

The need for police reforms

I completerly agree with acorn here

Dominate the battle on the ground
3. Connect every thana, every chowki (and in future every policeman) to a national database and network. Neither POTA nor a new anti-terrorism agency is crucial: connect existing intelligence and law-enforcement agencies through a common network.

4. Empower police by implementing police reforms. Use the Supreme Court of India’s judgement in Prakash Singh & Others vs Union of India & Others to generate momentum. Strengthen police-public partnerships.

5. Move internal security to the PMO. The Prime Minister should chair a Cabinet Committee on Internal Security; a dedicated internal security advisor (rank of secretary or higher) should be appointed to act as the point man covering all aspects of internal security.

Also, as i have mentioned before, police reforms can be one of the best things that can be done by the government today. We can definitely take advantage of IT and telecom technological improvements to reform the police system. This will have immense benefits, economic, political and social.

Sep 13, 2008

Self awareness and the natural law of conservation

Not exactly an epiphany but still, i was stuck by this thought

Self Awareness- This is a huge thing if you are intelligent enough, but it may not be very useful if you are too impatient. 
On a slightly related but unexplainable note, I do believe, there is some natural law of conservation. I mean not at the micro level, but overall i think, the natural law of conservation would be one of the key ingredients for sustainabiulity and  existence of life. Ofcourse this has theological and philosophical connotations. But that's  for some other time

Sep 12, 2008

Something Tangible

Well, its a blog i will leave you with a couple of thoughts..
  1. I think the Steve Waughs mental disintegration concept has come full circle. It was obvious from the start that the IPL money will ask the highly paid cricketers to redefine their mental makeup..and Symonds has apparently done so.....For all the arrogance about mental toughness etc from Aussies...this really is a bad sign for them. Course this is good news for indians. Symonds is one of those players who always does well against India.
  2. The Indo-US nuclear deal is not an unmixed blessing...its a blessing nonetheless. I am however optimistic cos the intent will be lost..but the signed paper will remain and the indo us commercial deals will take care about the sustainability of the  deal. I am not very sanguine about the nuclear weapons programme though, give the lack of Indias institutional strenght and the ability to take advantage of ambiguous details.
  3. One thing i have learnt about the skills of concentration..persitenece pays..and its a habit rather than talent. I can develop your skills of concentration with practice or mental laziness can be overcome.
Thats it for the day..catch you all sometime soon

Something Deep

The grand canyon

Two Days

It is sometimes difficult to understand the utility of a two day weekend sometimes, not today...
saturday i come...and sleep

Sep 10, 2008

The one with Influential friends

This blog is not about the influence of my firends, but the influence of title of the 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' sitcom on this blog. No i am not talking about the poor cheap jokes, but the generic headlines which i give to my blog posts such as - The testament. the promise etc.

In other news, i am glad you ignored the hadron nonsense. Its already a big waste of public money..we should atleast not waste our time on this

The Promise

With increased activity on this blog, i promise to gove more thought to what i write and take this blog more seriously. But for now, here is a joke.

"Why was God looking sleepy today- Cos he slept late last night"

catch you in a while

Sep 6, 2008


Over time, i have seen this blog discussing many concepts. Today we will discuss overtime and how the concept of overtime has decreased over time.

Overtime has been one of the important sources of some additional income for government employees. but over time the concept of over time has lost some of the attraction and you will find that people have been discussing advantages of overtime less and less over time.

Sep 5, 2008

Going Meta

Now i have been accused recently of not writing more than a couple of lines on my blogposts. I do think that while the criticism is not completely valid but it has some merits. So in this blog post, i am trying to make amends. Ofcourse the other fairly regular criticism about my blog is that the blog lacks substance, but more on that later. Atleast this blog has more than 2 lines. It has, trust me.

Google Chrome

I am using it

Sep 2, 2008

The testament

How do you feel when you realise you are the smartest person in the room...tell me about it..cos i dont feel any different.. i am so used to it