Sep 12, 2008

Something Tangible

Well, its a blog i will leave you with a couple of thoughts..
  1. I think the Steve Waughs mental disintegration concept has come full circle. It was obvious from the start that the IPL money will ask the highly paid cricketers to redefine their mental makeup..and Symonds has apparently done so.....For all the arrogance about mental toughness etc from Aussies...this really is a bad sign for them. Course this is good news for indians. Symonds is one of those players who always does well against India.
  2. The Indo-US nuclear deal is not an unmixed blessing...its a blessing nonetheless. I am however optimistic cos the intent will be lost..but the signed paper will remain and the indo us commercial deals will take care about the sustainability of the  deal. I am not very sanguine about the nuclear weapons programme though, give the lack of Indias institutional strenght and the ability to take advantage of ambiguous details.
  3. One thing i have learnt about the skills of concentration..persitenece pays..and its a habit rather than talent. I can develop your skills of concentration with practice or mental laziness can be overcome.
Thats it for the day..catch you all sometime soon