May 21, 2007

Client Engagement of the Other Kind

This blog post has strange origin. I am sitting in my organisation's training room, trying not to talk with the person sitting next to me. In this training exercise, my team is competing against two other teams.

The team currently presenting has lifted one of my ideas. Things are not looking good considering the quality of their presentation. Also i must admit that I have to work more on my team dunamic skills. Everyone in my team has to be amenable to me and my whims, otherwise i start showin hostility or divisive behaviour and i really think that i am above all this. So it becomes a little disappointing. Even this behaviour may have worked except that, I dont really want to work or take responsibilty but want people to show respect to all my ideas and anyway i will throw in a few arbit ideas as a joke.

Overall the whole exercise has been good. Met a couple of reallly nice people, conceptualised a couple of ideas about client engagement. Ofcourse met old cal friends too. gives u that warm feelin in that heart..replicated only by..

Team A has in the meanwhile managed to crack the case. Our team doesnt standsa chance. feeling slightly disappointed that i am part of a losing team. Ofcourse HR, the part in which i was involved, we are much much ahead of the other teams but still it was finance and production that mattered and we will suck bigtime in those.

Course we lost in the final standings. And ofcourse HR part was the best. But we could have handled things much better ad we were clearly the worst and least prepared team.

Overall the training exercise gets a rating of Good