May 24, 2008

As Time Goes By

I have always wondered about this dichotomy, that i remember little of college days as if the time flew by but i also sense that sometimes life was really laid back and i was a bit lazy and read so many books and watched so much TV, so life wouldn't have been so fast paced. So this book review from Tim Harford really made sense.
We do not remember time as a continuum but as a series of events; that is why a fortnight recuperating in bed seems like an eternity (because we have no events to observe) but almost vanishes from the memory (because there are no events to remember). That is also why a wonderful day’s sightseeing can fly by, yet when looking back over an evening drink, that morning’s coffee can seem impossibly distant.
Its really a question of Continuous versus Discrete, where the human behaviour counts Discrete events while our physics lessons have made us to think of time asa continuum which is reinforced by the watches.