Jun 18, 2009

The thing that matters

A google chat with a friend.

me: mornin

Friend: jai

me: howz u?

Friend: fine


me: i am fine. THank you


any opinions on the state of Indian cricket

how do you rate

Friend: this was bound to happen

me: MSDs performance in the last press conference

Friend: i think its all dhoni's fault

me: hmm

should dhoni have been more amenable to

Friend: india had a set batting lineup

me: reporters ideas


Friend: with sehwag n gambhir

me: hmm


you think

Friend: raini at no. 3

rohit sharma



pathan etc

me: DHoni should have stuck to his guns and talked rudely to reporters

Friend: he mingled with batting line up

me: hmm

Friend: by promoting himself to no.3

me: that is true

Friend: raina lost confidence

and his form too

to me raina was the key player in this WC

me: hmm

Friend: he was even more imp than uv

becoz of his form in ipl

me: oh

Friend: once he flopped

things were inevitable

and opening with rohit sharma was a blunder

me: hmm

i think


Friend: he was the best no. 6

me: should have shown more tact


after times came out

with the rift story abt sehwa

Friend: but that hardly impacted the performance

me: so

i think

tht set the tone for DHoni's performamcne in the whole tournament

almost all the later press conferences got affected

Friend: performance against SA was the worst

did u see hw pathan got out

me: I dont think pathan was called for any press conference



the tour defining

group walk out

Friend: r u talking abt press conference performance or on field performance

me: :)

Its all same


if you allow

can i post this exchange in my blog

Friend: hmm

sounds good

me: good

good part...hamne koi gaali nahi di..so we can post it uncensored

Enjoy :)