Apr 4, 2015

The Debate Starts

This is what i wrote a few years ago at the start of IPL1

Also on a serious track, some of the celebrations was offputtin for me, its allright for Shahrukh to cheer Mccullum  hitting Zaheer as he is the owner, but the odd trhing was that nobody mentions the odd bit of shifting loyalty and the transition. Its as if the official policy of the BCCI to not to comment on the contradiction and just hope that by pretending that strong city loyalties exist and behaving as such will make the crowd see it that way. Well I am not convinced and find it difficult to accept that i will ever cheer Zaheer getting hit for a six by Mccullum

Revisiting the inherent contradiction at the start of the IPL - Whether you can support a indian batsman getting out to a foreign player.

At the start of IPL, it was obvious that national team weight overpowers the city based loyalty. But i suppose there must be a few supporters who have crossed the rubicon. Also, i suppose, the fandom would have regressed owing to this being a post world cup tournament.

However, with trend towards fragmented viewership of sports, i think the gap will close over the next few years