Mar 10, 2008

The End of an Era

I still feel a bit of a sense of Loss on watching the Hockey segment of the movie was one part of our heritage that we have lost. Hockey had the potential to be part of our national conscience but it failed or rather we failed hockey

Today, was the definitive hammer blow for Indian Hockey. Today it lost its place as one of the premier games of India. Now Hockey has to fight with other sports to fight for a place in our conscience. Playing in all of the olympics till date was one of the best records in Indian Sports..something you can be proud of..It has come to an end though..and to be fair...we extended as long as we can. India certainly is not one of teams that you can claim should be part of the Olympics. We were just not good enough. But this is not the time to recriminate against Gill, He has been doing his job terribly since long. This is the time to remember the past greats..from Dhyan Chand to KD Singh to Pargat singh..And i take this opprtunity to thank all the past hockey olympians..they made history after all.